Ecole du Dialogue is a small 3-18 school that will open in Brussels in 2018.


Empower learners to fulfill their potential.

TalentLab aims to become a model for schools that want to increase their pupils’ academic and relational performance by insisting on scientifically proven educational principles.


The school will be articulated around the pedagogical principles found in many works of the 21st century, such as “Sauver l’Ecole ? (To Save the School?)” (John Rizzo) and “Les Lois Naturelles de l’Enfant (The Natural Laws of the Child)” (Céline Alvarez):

  • desynchronization of classes,
  • autonomy – empowerment,
  • mutual assistance,
  • multi-age,
  • rigorous learning of well-being.

While each child is encouraged to learn at his own pace, we explicitly aim for a higher average learning speed as seen in similar environments. Students will follow the programs and exams (CEB, CE1D, etc.) of the Wallonia Brussels Federation.


Registration will open in early 2018. Registration is not yet possible.



The school will be located in Scheutveld street 5, in Brussels.
Places of industrial nature / office will be reconverted. An application for planning permission is in progress.


Legal form

“Ecole du Dialogue” (School of Dialog) is a not-for-profit association (asbl). At first, the school will be private. It seems too difficult to combine the creation of a very disruptive school with the inevitable cumbersomeness and rigidity of the institutional framework.

The school wants to become public and free. It will initially be private and paying, with scholarships for the inhabitants of the district. The socio-economic and cultural mix will be established and maintained with care.

The Board of Directors of the non-profit organization is Frederik Leloup (president), Brigitte Durruty, Patricia Mignone and John Rizzo (director).


Each student in TalentLab is requested to learn each of the major religions in the country: Islamic, Catholic, Jewish and Secular. Representatives of these cults will be invited to explain some of the material themselves. The approach will be open, historical, profound, critical, curious and scientific, emphasizing dialogue and nuance.

Hicham Abdel Gawad will be the main referent.


FootLab is a partnership with the Union Saint Gilloise (soccer club) to allow young hopefuls to train at high-level football without neglecting their studies. It starts from the observation that thousands of Brussels families are forced to choose between sports and schooling for their boys who have schedules of convicts: get up at 6 am, return home at 10.30 pm to eat and do homework.

Transform my School

The School of Dialogue coordinates the European project TalentLab / “Transform my School”. The aim is to facilitate the transformation of schools in Belgium, Greece, Italy and Norway.

European Values

The School of Dialogue participates in another European project coordinated from the United Kingdom to promote European citizenship values against religious radicalism.


The TeamLab project proposes to revisit adult education in Brussels. It is not linked to the non-profit organization Ecole du Dialogue. It is however pedagogically and philosophically very close as TeamLab is worn by John Rizzo (TalentLab).


John Rizzo (director), via his website:

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