You want to guarantee the future of your children and dream of schooling that combines rigor and benevolence?

The School for Dialogue brings together families who want their children to give their best, excel as a natural consequence, for example, to read before primary school, and radiate in their relational skills, completely rethinking the concept of school.


Located in Anderlecht, the school welcomes :

  • 10 pupils from 2,5 to 7 years old: kindergarten to early primary
  • 15 pupils from 8 to 15: end of primary to secondary 2nd
  • 5 students from 15 à 19: 3rd à 6th secondary – complete

Our school is private, that is to say that the salary of its teachers is not paid by the State but by the parents for whom it has a cost.

More about the cost (in French)

We are a laboratory of educational innovation. Our students have few lectures and help each other a lot. They work with rigor to surpass themselves. Their learning speed increases a lot at home compared to their old school. They improve their interpersonal skills, their autonomy and their motivation.

More about our pedagogy (in French)

We coordinate European projects of school transformations. We coach several schools in Brussels and abroad.

More about School Transformation Lab